Our LED lighting system manufacturers, suppliers and assemblers are carefully selected and the quality is regularly monitored by performing detailed tests in independent laboratories.

We will mention some of the key aspects for our supply chain:

Narrow specialization

From enormous amount of suppliers we have selected 5 with whom we are personally acquainted for more than 5 years. Instead of producing everything, our suppliers have narrow specialization on particular LED segment with not more than 3 LED products. This is crucial for maintaining high quality. We meet in person at least once a year to discuss how to improve our cooperation.


Quality assurance

Our quality department currently employs one senior engineer which does quality check before every order leaves factory. Based on our partners’s personnel, we have access to ~20 different electronics engineers and ~80 specialists in LED lighting systems. This allows us to not only develop existing portfolio, but also design individual lighting systems when necessary.


Testing facilities

Every component of our lighting system has to pass 3 layer quality control. We pay high attention to every detail by performing tests in independent laboratories to become 100% sure that our lighting system will reach quality standards necessary.


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