Will My electricity bill decrease?

Yes! As You change Your lighting to LED, You’ll have less consumption and a much lower electricity bill. In many cases You can cut Your lighting electricity costs by up to 5 times!

How can I see My actual consumption?

To see by how much You can downsize consumption, You should sumiraze Your actual lamps by count and consumption and than by checking the LED alternatives You’ll see the difference. RCG-Lighthouse uses high precision electricity meters, that give online data about consumption, hourly use of power. With online data We can continuously search for more ways to cut Your electricity costs!

How much does Lighting as a Service cost?

LaaS or Lighting as a Service doesn’t cost anything. We do all the work and invest in new LED lighting where in return on a contract basis We get a percentage of savings. We also cut Your maintenance costs by 100% as You won’t have to change broken or burnt out lamps! This service lasts as long as the agreement of LaaS.

Do We get to keep the new lighting system also after the agreement of LaaS?

Yes! No matter for how long You decide to use Our services, You can consider the lighting system as Your own and after the agreement it automatically passes on to Your ownership!

Where do RCG-Lighthouse manufactures their LED’s?

Worlds largest and best known manufacturers have located their enterprizes in Asia so all the products are shipped directly from there. We use only world known components as MeanWell transformators; Citizen, Samsung and other known LED chips to complete Our lighting fixtures! Afterwards all the products are tested in China and also Latvia where We have Our main office. We collaborate with testlab.lv!

If I already have LED lighting can We still get Lighting as a Service?

As Our focuse is on energy efficiency – We do see that it’s sometimes possible to save also by changing other manufacturers LED’s, but in these cases savings will be less. But LaaS also cuts maintenance costs, so it is possible to apply LaaS also if You already have LED lighting!

Is it worth upgrading to LED if I rent?

LaaS is the best choice for rented spaces, as You don’t have to invest resources and time in a place that You don’t own. You’ll just enjoy the new lighting and smaller electricity bills. After the lease has ended, You can leave the lighting system to the owner of the building or take these lamps with You to Your next place! We can even help with the move on to Your next place!

But why wouldn’t I change LED’s Myself, if I already put money aside in my budget?

LED’s are quiet different from all other gas discharge lamps as flouriscent or metal halide. There are much more details to see and check. RCG-Lighthouse works towards making the perfect lamp – which is the most energy efficient and also long lasting! Many clients see that with LaaS their cashflow is higher, they get savings much faster and it’s great that You can always count on someone if there are lamps to change or problems to solve!

What is the guarantee for installed lights?

With in LaaS You have full guarantee about every component in the lighting system. If someting goes wrong with upgraded lights – We take all the responsibility and eliminate the broken parts as soon as possible. As You pay only for the lighting – not the lights them selves – We do everything so You can enjoy Your lighting without disruption!

Some say technology is getting cheaper by the year – why not wait?

Technology is getting better, not always cheaper! At the moment it’s economically practical to use LED’s as savings for electricity bills are increasing with energy efficient lighting systems. In time We will work towards making LED’s power usage even less, so after 5-10 years, You might have a chance to upgrade Your actual LED lighting system to a new and more efficient system!

How can I start LaaS?

Apply to a Free Lighting Audit! We will contact You and perform audit in Your building space to see how much We can save on electricity bills and how to better upgrade Your lighting system to LED’s!

Who can use LaaS?

Any person in Your company that sees high electricity bills, burnt out lamps or just feels that there is room for a better lighting system is invited to apply for a Free Lighting Audit in order to start saving more and use energy efficient lighting!

How long is the Lighting as a Service agreement?

Usually We agree on a period of 3 – 5 years, where We maintain the new lighting system, though as companies differ We do need to look at all the specifics in order to choose the best period of maintenance and LaaS agreement!

How long will the new lighting system stay New?

LED lighting is long lasting. As every bulb, also LED’s have over time loss on lighting output, though this doesn’t happen atlest for the first 10 000 – 20 000 hours. When reaching 50 000 h work time – RCG Lighthouse bulbs will have 5% – 20% lighting output loss, though will still work. Gas discharge looses up to 50% of their output in the first 2-3 years!

What is the main difference between LED’s and simple bulbs?

LED’s use a fully different technology – Light emitting diodes in contrast of gas discharge. The technology is much greener, safer and above all – energy efficient. RCG Lighthouse tests have proven 175 lm/W efficiency is possible and We use such lighting already in projects!

Are all LED’s the same?

Not even close! As historically We see simple incadecant and flouriscent bulbs have small differences – LED technology is more complicated using more componencts in their fixtures. As You can choose between many materials – the lighting it self also differs on a broader basis. It’s important to use high quality materials, as it’s the only way to ensure a long lasting life of Your lighting system!

After electricity savings – is LED good for Your health?

Lighting from quality LED’s will make Your retail store or work place more enjoyable, as emitted light has no UV radiation, no sound and less heat discharche. It’s also more healthy for Your eyes, as LED emitted light is less tiring for Your eye cornea!

How often do You need to change LED lamps?

LED’s are long lasting lamps. You shouldn’t worry about changing them nearly as often as gas discharge lamps. Though with Lighting as a Service – We do all the maintenance work, so you don’t have to change any lamps! Even if something gets broken, You’ll have a reliable source to ensure Your lighting system works without disruption! In some cases We do see that manufacturers try to save on costs and use less quality materials, that can hurt the lifetime of an LED. This a thing to avoid in order to ensure better lighting and get higher electricity savings!

Will I be able to control My consumption rate and how complicated will it be?

Every LaaS client has the oppurtunity to use Our metering systems online data, which can be reached from Our homepages member area – there You can keep track of everything associated with energy consumption, see Your lighting usage and other relevant data!

How much do you overspend on your electricity provider?